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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 28, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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gwen wore camo and the couple poised for photos before boarding a private jet. >> at the game everybody was talking about blake and gwen down on the sidelines. blake wore a cardinals hoodie and gwen wore a cardinals hat. they ran into a fellow celebrity, david spade, while down on the field. and blake's ex-wife miranda lambert started following gwen or twitter. >> and more miranda news. blake's ex instagramed two photos, first this adorable christmas pick of her five dogs, then one of herself posing in a floor length fur coat handed down by her grandmother. peta told "e.t." since miranda rescued dogs we thought she could see whether a fur comes from a mink, a dog or animal from china, the animals are all the same and didn't want to die.
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>> i got married. >> carson and his wife had been together for three years. >> what -- one more wedding to mention. look at these gorgeous shots in the snow. richard marks and daisy f daisy got married. congratulations to them. it is war for some famous actors. >> madonna and guy ritchey are battling over who gets custody of their 15-year-old son, rocco. rocco just blew off his mom for christmas. madonna went to court on december 23rd where a judge ordered rocco to return to his mom's home in new york before school resumes in january. reportedly, the 15-year-old was staying in london with his dad, guy ritchey, and refused to come
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home for christmas. the story claims madonna and rocco aren't getting along at the moment. he did post this video skateboarding around london to instagram. moving on, "star wars: the force awakens" lands in shanghai. >> first time in china. yeah, it looks good. >> the movie opens in china on january 9th. the critical weekend if "star wars" will break the all-time record set by "avatar." if the the force awakens just broke $1 billion at the box office, the fastest film in history to get there, taking just 12 days. finally, a scary on-air moment for cnn anchor poppy harlow. watch as she starts slurring her words during a segment. >> bad news for the obama administration. quite a -- quite a turn around
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in -- she passed out while live on the air this morning. harlow announced she was pregnant last month. after the break she explains. >> i got a little hot and i passed out for a moment. i am fine. we're going to take a quick break, we'll be right back. >> i was watching and it was very scary. poppy is a good friend of mine from my cnn days and she did tell me she is home from the hospital and the baby is totally fine. we are so glad to hear that. by the way, poppy's having a baby girl. time for our look back at the stars we lost in 2015 and the special time that they spent with "e.t." we begin with the most tragic loss this year, the death of bobby christina. >> when news broke that she had been found unresponsive in a bathtub, we all thought, please, not again, not like her mother, whitney houston. i immediately flew to atlanta where her loved ones held a constant vigil until they had to say good-bye. at the funeral home dionne
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warwick, aunt pat and grandmother cissy houston, with her hands folded in prayer during the procession to the burial site. bobby christina passed away on july 26th after months in a coma. during that time her family did not allow her ex-boyfriend nick gordon to see her. last week gordon poefed this photo shop christmas card of the two of them both wearing santa hats with presents on their laps. there issen a ongoing investigation into her death and now a source close to the situation tells "e.t." they believe charges in connection with her death are imminent. gordon has always denied he had anything to do with her passing. pat houston filed a restraining order against nick in 2014 for her own safety. >> he was angry and mad at me and i really tried to show her, you don't have to be in a situation. if something's bothering you or you're not happy in this. >> just 22 when she died, her life once held so much promise.
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♪ >> reporter: but living in her mother's shadow was tough and when whitney passed away, she losed ed ther foundation. >> she's still around me. knowing that my best friend, my everything is still with me. >> reporter: after her death, her body was flown to new jersey for burial beside her mother. >> that entire episode, one of the saddest things i've ever had to cover. >> no doubt about that. bobby christina's life ended far too soon. this next star lived long enough to be called a true tv legend. talking about leonard nemoy who played mr. spock. >> i'm spock. >> you feel like a cultural icon? >> that's what they tell me. i don't go around saying that i'm a cultural icon.
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i don't think about it in those terms but i guess it is true. >> he was a humble man. while his character had no emotion, leonard was a thoughtful man filledwith humor and it always came out when he was with his good friend, william shatner. >> if i said i could fit into that uniform, you think you could? >> the laughter he had. the laughs we shared. that laughter will remain. >> leonard passed away after struggling with a lung disease copd. >> live long and prosper. >> september 8th, 1966, the night we went on the air, after the first episode i called him and i said, bill, what did you think of the show? it's pretty good. you think it has legs? >> the answer is clear. speculation is unnecessary. >> the series while it was extremely good entertainment, i think at the same time offers food for thought. spock was helpful as a role
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model to me. i think i became a much more balanced individual pass a result of portraying spock. i shall simply say good luck. >> what a reveal. one popular tweet from 2015 was from leonard. he wrote life is like a garden. a perfect moment can be had but not preserved except in memory. leonard passed away five days after posting that message. coming up with be more stars that we lost this year from famous faces in music to a sports broadcasting legend. >> every day i am reminded that our life's journey is really about the people who touch us. >> that's on the way. >> does amy schumer owe her huge success to fox news? >> i want to thank my professors. >> that's amy seven years ago when she used to appear on fox news late night talk show red-eye. >> i was waiting for that to be discovered, how she could look
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so angelic and be so evil. >> the guy talks a big game. when you finally get into the bedroom, he's not really bringing it. it's the quiet, creepy guy that does. >> i tried to do unusual things with unusual people. >> plus, now that amy's a golden globe nominated actress for "train wreck," is she out of his
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tomorrow on "e.t.," our 2015 hollywood romance report card. >> he's like -- >> hook-ups with be break ln amazing human being. - ups,
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make-ups and marriages. >> she's amazing human being. up make-ups and marriages. >> she's amazing human being. a blues legend, a rocker haunted by his own demons, a gifted sportscaster, all gone too soon. tonight we continue our special look back at the stars we lost in 2015. ♪ the thrill is gone
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>> it's his home. i can relate to it. ♪ thrill is gone, baby >> i was not known before this film. i came from cairo, egypt. and this film made me known all over the world. >> thank you for your appreciation during my fight. ♪ >> every day i am reminded that our life's journey is really about the people who touch us. >> the wonderful thing about the hillbillies is that it was the american dream. >> did you see the thing take off? ♪
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>> what interview or piece are you most proud of? >> the piece i did in 1972 in vietnam. i think i'm more proud of even though it is tragic than anything else i've done since. >> there's nothing left to say about this war. there's just nothing left to say. bob simon, cbs news. >> they will all certainly be missed. coming up next, the stars who had to mourn the loss of their famous family members there year. joan collins mourning the loss of her romance novelist sister. and kathie lee's heartbreak over her husband, frank. >> you think he's looking down here tonight and saying well done, my love, well done? >> plus, the family star is trying trying to contact a family member. that is ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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"big bang" star jim parsons gets emotional on a new episode
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of "long island medium" with teresa connects him and his sister julie with their dad. >> who is the father figure? >> our dad. >> okay. i said -- i asked who was the first soul. he stepped forward. he told me that they were -- or there was a separation when i died. >> none of us were together. >> jim's dad died in a car accident in 2001. >> our father was very hard working, very loyal. the family was most important thing to him, bar none. it was very intense and very moving. >> i felt like i see a nikki ck or a different name. >> jimbo. julie poo. >> your mom still here in the physical world? because he just took red roses and handed them to mom. >> that was her flower.
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he always gave her red roses. >> that's how connect with the month of august? >> that's their anniversary. >> when teresa talked about red roses and august, i knew that's my parents' anniversary, and red roses, that's the flower he gave her. >> teresa also does reads with susan lucci and jamie lynn significa zeigler and she's always surprised whether stars are fans. >> i don't think i'm famous so when i did all the celebrity reads, the first thing they would say to you is i'm such a huge fan, i watch your show. i'm like, what? are you kidding me? >> she's the right medium. i guess you could say, to get across some deep messages. i just love her. i was only sorry when we had to stop. >> his episode of "the long island medium" kicks off the second half of her sixth season january 3rd on tlc. well, let's get back to our look at the stars we lost in 2015. jackie collins. her juicy novels were so much
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fun to read that she sold over 500 million copies in 40 countries. we always enjoyed talking to jackie every chance we got. >> i like to create visual images when i write, people that come alive and jump out at you from the pages. >> this was our first interview with jackie in 1981, first year "e.t." started with her sister, actress joan collins. for years the two were the life of the hollywood parties and social scenes. hollywood wives became a tv mini series with susan somers, candace bergen and anthony hopkins and it was very racy for 1984. >> people want to know what's really in it. >> jackie lived a lavish lifestyle almost off the pages of her novels. her home was like a museum. >> this is a particular favorite from thailand. means family. family's very important to me. i have three wonderful daughters and i think it is important that you create an environment where you're totally happy.
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if you're lucky enough to be able to do that. and i was lucky enough to be able to build a house. >> on september 19th she passed away after a long battle with breast cancer that she kept private. our last interview with her was on the set of "sharknado" earlier this year. even show she was fighting for her life she was still living it to the fullest by appearing in the comedy to make us laugh. >> people want to have fun. you know? the headlines always so miserable. everybody's complaining about this, terrible things are going on in the world and people just want to sit back and go, to hell with it, i'm just to enjoy myself and watch this fun movie. >> one thing that i loved with jackie, the kind of books she wrote. i remember when somebody called her first novel filthy and disgusting, she ressonded -- thank you. finally, we remember one of the greatest players in the history of pro football. frank gifford. a hall of famer and he also had a tremendous career as a broadcaster on monday night
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football. >> but the last 29 years of his life were defined by his relationship with kathie lee who handled his death with remarkable strength and grace. >> you think he's looking down here tonight saying well done, my love, well done. >> yeah. yeah. >> kathie lee was still emotional when i spoke to her. both of them were being unducind into the broadcasting and cable hall of fame. >> i have to say my incredible husband who taught me so much, he was the most generous person i've ever met. >> frank was 84 when he died on august 9th from natural causes. kathie lee held no funeral, instead throwing a private party to honor his life. just eight days later she returned to work. >> i j just want everybody to know that this is a man who was at complete peace in his life. he might have been the happiest most contented person in the world at this point in his life. i'm grateful that
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it despite at times having nothing to give. >> the best tribute a son can pay his father is to live one's life the best one can. thank you, dad, i love you and i miss you. >> their love was bound together by family and faith. >> we can take five minutes and turn it into the most wonderful day. we can take a day and turn it into a wonderful lifetime. that's basically what we've done. >> frank really did help make monday night football an american tradition in all our homes. he called 588 consecutive games before he left the booth in 1997. in our "entertainment
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tonight" birthdays, which actor was happy to be mr. fix-it? >> i'm going to say hugh. >> i'm going with den will lead to
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something else. >> it's all at "e.t."
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tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which octoberer was happy to be mr. fix-it around the house with his wife and brand-new baby? >> it is really good just to be home and put a light switch together or fix the shower anything, simple things like that. >> that is denzel washington. with his wife and baby john david. >> denzel will receive the cecil b. demill award at the golden globes. tomorrow night the kennedy center honors air on cbs. >> stephen colbert hosts the event. the honorees include george lucas, sicily tyson and carol king.
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